List of products by brand UGEARS

  • MAY 2015 : Ugears’, a Ukraine-based company develops the concept of self-assembly wooden models. The first models are presented at trade fairs and instantly attract a lot of attention from investors and companies.
  • With UGEARS assembly kits we offer our customers to experience a world of real-life tiny mechanics. Our building sets are two-in-one: a puzzle and a toy. On the one hand, they are exciting to put together, while on the other – after the assembly is complete, our models evolve into the most sophisticated toys that are amusing to kids, “ Look, the train looks like a real one!”, yet engaging for adults, “Wow, check the way the mechanical drive is connected; what is its overall gear ratio?”
  • Materials:Our models are made of natural wood and will last for years to come. They can be recycled with no harm to the environment.
  • Quality: All UGEARS models are made of high-quality plywood boards using precisely cut parts. We utilize high-accuracy laser cut method to ensure quality.
  • Assembly: All parts are pre-cut and can be assembled at home, right on a dining table. All that is needed are your own two hands, model assembly instructions and patience.
  • Benefits: Our models help people understand the principle of mechanics through the process of self-assembly of motion models. They also contribute to development of logical thinking, enhancing attention and concentration skills and help to improve memory.
  • Design: We give people what they want: the experience of real motion mechanics that they can build and bring to action by themselves.

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