Coloring model Kitten&Puppy kit of mechanical model UGEARS

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  • For children from 5 years old … as well as grown-ups of any age.
  • acrylic, gouache, watercolor, markers - you can use whatever you have.
  • You can color the model by doing yourself, with friends or the whole family.
  • Delicate contour lines on wooden parts show the contours of the cat and the dog skating boards, to make it easy to paint.
  • both heroes get on 4 wheel skateboards and the main point is who will finish first?
  • Will we bet a puppy to win?
  • But a cat can outwit the puppy and overtake on the turn.
  • Assembles easily and is fun to play with.
  • all component parts are already cut off and can be easily removed from the board.
  • The model assembles like a puzzle without glue and special tools by following an illustrated color manual.
  • While children are collecting some blocks, the adults can suggest their help: the joining parts are cut off precisely for the slots and for the assembly, you only need to insert the component pins, pressing them with your fingers. But if the fingers are too small, it may need some help.
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  • Assembly without glue
  • Size of the assembled model: 8.5 * 11.5 * 3.2 / 3.2 * 4.0 * 10.2 cm
  • Package size: 16.5 * 18 * 0.5 cm
  • Number of parts - 15
  • Children: 5+
  • Ecological model
  • Collection time 0.75 h.
  • Estimated painting time: 3 hours +
  • Made in Ukraine
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