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Robot wooden mechanical constructor Robotime

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  • Musical 3D wooden constructor Orpheus Robot Assembling this great constructor will be an interesting and rewarding activity for both child and adult.
  • The natural texture and bright details of the wood make it a unique gift and a great hobby for people of all ages.
  • This musical constructor is inspired by 19th century science fiction.
  • This robot demonstrates the power of the steampunk world.
  • Gather wooden details and watch this unique piece come to life.
  • The heart of the robot can glow.
  • You can completely relax not only by gathering, but also by listening to beautiful melodies.
  • Due to its unique look, it is a great decoration for your room or office.
  • The high quality of the musical mechanism ensures a great sound effect.
  • During operation, the propeller rotates in the robot's head.
  • The arms and legs are movable, which allows the robot to give different poses.
  • The kit contains simple and detailed instructions, with illustrations and diagrams.
  • The special feature of the puzzle is that no glue is needed for assembly, but you can glue parts of the constructor joints if you wish.
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  • MODEL AM601
  • Details 221
  • Materials Wood, etc.
  • Dimensions 150 * 92 * 185 mm
  • Packaging dimensions 195 * 74 * 273 mm
  • Weight 1 kg
  • Age 14+
  • Collection time About 5 hours
  • Warning There are small details, so it is not suitable for small children
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